10 perfect steps for Healthy Pregnancy

When a woman got pregnant, she doesn’t know which pregnancy tips she needs to follow. First pregnancy is always harder for every woman. That’s why we giving you 10 perfect healthy pregnancy steps which not only give you the healthy pregnancy but also gives you happy & enjoyable motherhood. So here is the 10 perfect steps for your healthy pregnancy:

1.Visit a Gynecologist as soon as possible

When you find out that you are pregnant than you have to registered for antenatal care. Make an appointment with you GP or you can register online with your local maternity service. Visiting your gynecologist early you will get good advice from your doctor which leads you the healthy pregnancy from the beginning. You can also organize a diary for tests and ultrasound scans which you might need.

2. Eat Only healthy food

When a woman got pregnant, she doesn’t know which foods she needs to eat which won’t. During pregnancy the food habit will be change. Sometimes you may feel so hungry, sometimes you will not like to eat. But eating healthy will give you the perfect healthy pregnancy that you really need. If you aiming to eat a balance & healthy diet food then you have to follow this rule:

  • You have to eat at least five portions of vegetables & fruits Daily
  • Foods needs to be fresh, canned, dried or juicy
  • You have to also eat starchy foods like rice, pasta, bread which contains of fiber and carbohydrates
  • You can also eat daily serving protein food like fish, eggs, lean meats, nuts or pulses. Fish can provide your body full protein including Vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids, Minerals which is very important for your baby’s nervous system development. That’s why eat at least two types of portion fish in a week which need to be oily such as like mackerel or sardines, salmon
  • If eating fish feels you uneasy that you can eat soya, nuts, seeds products with green leafy vegetables which provides you omega-3 fatty acid 
  •  Eat also dairy foods like milk, yoghurt, cheese
  • You have to be stay hydrated. That’s why drink at least eight glasses of fluid such as water, fresh fruit juices, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, fruit teas everyday which provides you maintain your blood pressure levels during pregnancy.

3. Don’t forget to take Vitamin Supplement

First 3 months of your pregnancy you need to take folic acid and vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for your baby’s future bone health. That’s why we recommend you to take Natural Made Prenatal Multi+DHA vitamins. Which provides you the perfect minerals and vitamins during pregnancy. This vitamin is very quick absorbent formula which can provide your body daily nutritional support. It also contains with iron, folic acid, zinc and Vitamin D which offers you the daily essential nutrients. It also formulated with omega-3 fatty acid DHA which also helps to support your brain and eye development.

4. Do some gentle exercise regularly

During pregnancy you have to practice some gentle exercise regularly which gives you much benefits also your baby. You have to let your exercise teacher know that you are pregnant or you choose classes with with pregnant women. If you play sports it’s best if you stop it, is because it may carry the risk of knocks, falls, extra stress into your joints. Swimming, Yoga, Pilates, Brisk Walking, Aqua natal classes which is very good exercises during pregnancy. These are the benefits of exercise during in your pregnancy:

  • Exercise helps your body to change your posture and also strains your joints during your pregnancy
  • It also boosts your mood if you ever feeling low
  •  Exercise helps to protect against every pregnancy complication like high blood pressure
  • It also helps you to make easier to get back your previous body shape after your baby born

5. Limit Drinking caffeine

If you fond of caffeine than it is time to limit it. During pregnancy drinking too much caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriage. Caffeine basically is in tea, cola, chocolate, energy drinks and coffee. Some of the experts suggested that drinking too much caffeine can contribute your risk of your baby’s low-birth weight baby. In research found that 200 mg of caffeine which is equivalent of two mugs a day won’t giving any harm to your baby. It betters you should drink decaffeinated coffee, tea, fruit tea & fruit juices which is very safe in alternatives.

6.Totally Avoid Alcohol

If you love to drink alcohol well this is the time when you have to totally avoid drinking alcohol. If you drink alcohol during pregnancy it will rapidly reaches to baby by via your placenta and bloodstream. Drinking alcohol also increase the risk of miscarriage. It also affects your baby’s brain development. That’s experts advise to totally cut out the alcohol during your pregnancy period.

7. Say No to Smoke

Smoke injuries to health. So, if you addicted of smoking than it is the time when you have to totally say NO to smoke. It increases your baby’s risk of Low Birth Weight, Stillbirth, Premature Birth or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It also gives you the pregnancy complications such as Ectopic Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Placental Abruption. It’s never too late to quit smoking.

8.Get Proper Rest

In the first few months of your pregnancy you will feel fatigue due high levels of your pregnancy of hormones circulating in your body. In the night when you getting up you may not comfortable in bed. You have to make a habit of sleep on your side which helps to reduces the risk of stillbirth. If you feel disturbance at night to sleep then you can take a quick nap in the middle of the day or go to sleep early. Exercise also helps you to relief from all kinds of backache. Which also helps to solve your sleeping problems. You can also use some relaxation technique before sleep such as  massage, deep breathing, yoga, stretching.

9. Always be known when you have to call your doctor

When you got pregnant for the first time it’s really confusing about calling your doctor. Especially about twinge which is very complicated to understand that which one is normal & which one isn’t. The Disease control said that, you should immedieatly call your doctor if you have these symptoms:

  • Any kind of pain
  • If you get your vaginal bleeding or leak of fluid
  • If you get trouble while walking or get edema
  • Hard to take breath
  • If you get fainting or dizziness
  • Decrease the activity of your baby

10. Change your Household chores

During pregnancy you have to stop your everyday tasks which are very risky. You can do some simple tasks instead of doing heavy objects like scrubbing your bathroom or showring your pets. Here are some tips which you have to avoid from your daily tasks:

  • Don’t ever try to climb ladder or stepstools
  • Don’t clean your pets’ litter which may contact with bacteria and toxoplasmosis and disease which is caused by pet’s parasite
  • Don’t try to lift any types of heavy materials
  • Don’t stay near in hot stove for a long period