7 Best Health Tips for Women

Every Women wants a healthy active life. Most of us don’t know how to maintain our health. That’s why we giving you the 7 best health tips for women which is gives the perfect benefit to a woman for performing the perfect active life. These healthy tips not only give you the perfect healthy life but also helps to reduce mind stress and anxiety. These tips will help you to achieve your goal and perfect body fitness without taking heavy diet routine and also not need to visit your doctor regularly. Here are best 7 health tips for women:

1. Reduce Your Stress

 Most of the women passes their life by stress which not good for health. Stress can give you the significant Health consequences which goes with infertility which leads with higher risks of depression, anxiety and the heart disease. You can find lots of stress-reduction method such as like (Practicing yoga, Listen to Music Meditate, play with a pet, play games, plant a Garden) which will help you reduce your stress and give you refreshing mind.

2.Stop doing Over Diet

Healthy Food and Healthy Diet, you need to follow both things. But remember, over diet can be harmful for your health. Your body also needs healthy food because in healthy foods it contains with Iron, Calcium, Protein, healthy fats, Smarts carbs and fiber and other health ingredients which is good for your health. You can follow your diet routine but you have to also eat healthy food which your health really needs.

3.Don’t Take Too Much Calcium

     If you have lack of calcium then you have to take calcium. But taking to much calcium can increase your heart disease and increase the risk of kidney stones. We recommend to take DIM (Diindolymethane) BioPerine calcium vitamin. It contains with two months supply capsules for your daily life. It’s a perfect vegetable capsules which gives you perfect health. This calcium capsules are Vegan.org certified and Non-GMO Verified 100% Certified Gluten-Free. If your age is under 50 then take 1,00 mg capsules per day while if your age is 50 then you have to take 1,200 mg per day.

4. Take Proper Nap

If you need a refresh mind and active body strength then you need proper sleep pattern. You need to follow your perfect sleep patter which you need to follow which time you need to go for the bed and which time you need to wake up from the bed. Sometimes it may give you trouble to getting out from your bed because of your get late for sleep at night it may be cause you bed effect into your health suck as like trouble in concentrating in your work also tire easily. Researchers studies that those who don’t follow the proper sleeping patter may be cause the health by risk of heart disease and other psychological problems.

5. Visit your doctor every year for your health check ups

Healthy life helps you to enjoy your life each and every moment. That’s why you have to take a healthy check up in every year. If you are 21 or older then you have to take a Pap test which you can check cervical cancer. If your age is 30 to 65 then you have to take a Pap test and HPV test. If your age is above is 65 then you should consult your doctor for low risk of health disease. If you are active in sex life then you have a risk of STD’s that’s why you have to get a test for chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea.  You have to also take HIV test if you’re at risk. Don’t ever skip your yearly health checkup.

6. Drink Lots of Water & Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Drinking lots of water will provides all health problems. It also helps your body to flush out the hazardous toxins which produced from the body which caused when you have poor eating habit and the sedentary lifestyle. You can add lemon and honey in your drinking water which gives your body hydrated and provides perfect glowing skin. Most importantly you need to eat plenty of vegetables & fruits. Because these foods give you lots of vitamins, fibre & minerals which is enough for your body health. You need to eat at least 5 serving in a day such as like a glass of fresh fruit juice for breakfast or apple with a piece of watermelon for snacks or eat different vegetables for each meal which gives you good portion.

7.Don’t forget to do your regular exercise at least for 30 minutes

Exercise provides you body perfect fitness and healthy imbalance. Diet can’t ensure you a perfect healthy body, that’s why physical activity the body strength which helps to body strong and fit. You don’t have to spend 2 long hours into the gym but just only 30 minutes of your favorite sport like running, walking, natural exercise can also will help you out from it.