7 Best Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Today’s world we want to keep our brain sharp and healthy but most of the time stress, anxiety and working pressure make our brain dull and lazy. It changes with age and that’s why the mental function changes too. But still we want to keep our memory sharp and speedy that’s we giving you 7 best tips to keep your brain healthy. This tips not just only provides your brain healthy but also help you mentally sharp.

Do physical Exercise

Many researchers found that if you use your muscles it will also help your mind too. Exercise helps to develop your nerve cells which are connected to your brain cells. Exercise provides your brain adaptive, plastic and more efficient which gives you better memory performance. It also helps to improves your cholesterol, lowers your blood pressure and balance your blood sugar. Basically, Physical exercise helps to reduce your mental stress also keep your heart healthy too.

Try to Improve your food diet

If you follow a good diet it will also help to keep your brain and mind healthy. Foods which contains with good nutrition provides healthy mind as well your body too. People who follow Mediterranean diet eat only vegetables, fish, unsaturated oils (olive oil), poultry eggs, dairy milk, low amount of red meats, processed foods, fruits and all other protein containment plants which helps to develop dementia and cognitive impairment. So, diet food is a key to keep your brain healthy.

Improve your blood pressure and blood sugar

If you have high blood pressure it may increases the chances of cognitive decline in your old age. So, try to follow modification life style which to keep your blood pressure low as possible. Same case goes in high blood pressure. Mainly high blood sugar leads dementia. So, if you want to prevent diabetes you need keep right food and exercise regularly. So always try to improve your blood sugar and blood pressure so that your mind can always stays active.

Try Improve your Cholesterol

If you have high level of LDL cholesterol then it will give really bad effect to your body and your mind. Mainly its increased the risk of dementia. Exercise, avoiding tobacco, following diet, weight control helps your body to improve cholesterol levels. But still if you need more help than you should ask your doctor about your medication. Also try to avoid trans fats and eat soluble fiber foods which will improve your cholesterol levels.

Totally Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

If your alcohol and tobacco addicted then it is the best time to quit it. Because tobacco and alcohol causes brain injury. Smoke and drinking alcohol cause interactive neurobiological and functional injuries to your brain. It also causes cancer of brain and lungs. So if you want a healthy body & brain we suggest you to stop taking alcohol and tobacco and take some meditation which will relief you from those bad habits.

Learn Something New Each & Everyday

If you take higher level of education it will definitely associate you better mental functioning in your older age. Many experts think that if you take advanced knowledge it will help your memory to keep strong and active. That’s you need to learn everyday something new which will not just improve your work skill but also keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Take Your Vitamin Supplement Properly


Sometimes taking extra vitamins will also give you benefits to your brain. Taking Vitamins will not just provide you healthy brain but also gives you restful sleep and enhanced mood that’s why we recommend you to take Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalmin B12 vitamin which is totally contains with B-12. It’s supports your Nerve Tissue and Your Brain cells