7 Perfect Tips for Keeping Your Vagina Healthy

Every woman always concerns about their vagina. Because a healthy vagina leads to a healthy active women body. What really constitutes a healthy vagina? Well somehow it depends on a woman’s age but basically in vagina it has an acidic pH balance which contains with rich beneficial bacteria which helps to defend infections & also naturally lubricated. Vagina is a very important body part for a woman. It’s also very wonderful & very complex things. In 2014 Medical Daily reports say that there are 8000 nerve ending in to women clitoris & 4000 in men’s penis. You won’t believe that a women’s vagina has same amount of ph level balance which we found a glass of a wine. There is a secret about woman’s vagina, which is that it’s totally clean itself.  That’s why we giving you the perfect 7 tips for your vagina. Which not only helps your vagina to keep healthy but also will help you keep your body active. Here are 7 perfect healthy vagina tips:

1. You have to go for full body health

Healthy vagina needs a perfect take care that’s why you have to follow some health tips to keep your vagina healthy. First of all you have to eat healthy food, exercise daily & of course control your weight. Following this tip will also beneficial for healthy sexual organs. You have to be careful in chronic conditions because it can put you at risk. In some cases of women’s vagina medical researched that some of women who poorly controlled their diabetes contract yeast infections & also urinary tract infections (UTIs).

2. Take proper Vaginal Suppositories

When vaginal itch & odour gets out of your hand it could be ruin your day, week or month. It’s totally annoying, uncomfortable & very embarrassing. Sometimes your vaginal got unbalanced pH which leads your vagina some serious issues like infections, STD’s, fertility problem, PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). That’s why we recommend you to take pH-D Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories which helps to restore your pH balance but also defend against other vaginal disease. This suppository is 100% recommended by health care professionals and expert physicians.

3. Just use warm water to clean

If you want to clean your vaginal perfectly then you can clean it with warm water. Well basically woman’s vagina has self-cleaning organ but still we have to keep vagina our vagina cleans properly. If you want to use gentle soap then it’s ok but don’t ever use laundry detergent or dryer sheets or some of lubricants which direct cause you skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin then you can use shampoos or antibacterial soaps during shower,

4. Always use condom during Sex

While sex you have to use condom, which is very important in your daily physical relationship. Using condom not only helps you to protect from transmitted diseases but also from unwanted pregnancies. It also protects your body from chlamydia, HIV, Genital Herpes, Syphilis.

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5.  Take vaginal Suppositories if you facing Vaginal Odor & itchy  

Vaginal odor can ruin your whole day. Not just only day it can be ruin your week and month because of its itchiness. It’s very discomfort, recurrent and annoying. That’s why we recommend you take pH-D Feminine Health Support Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories. It will give you the quick defence against unbalanced vaginal & helps to get things back normal very quickly. It also helps to defend against vaginal infection and perfectly maintain your pH level. Just take 1 ph-D suppository into your vagina before bedtime

6. Wear only cotton Undies

When you will choose to wear underwear, it’s better you should choose cotton undies. It comes with strip of cotton in the crotch and also has a breathability. It helps to lets air in and absorbs all the moisture. But don’t go to the gym with sans undies because it will take extra layer between you and all the germy gym equipment.

7. Totally avoid scented soap in your vaginal area

While shower you may be use scented body wash and shops because of its sweet smells but it’s not belonged in your genital’s areas like vagina. The reason is like your skin your vagina doesn’t have an extra protective layer in this case shop and like other chemicals can be really drying in your sensitive area. That’s why if you really want to clean use warm water to rinse but still if you like to use shop then use gentle, plain unscented soap.