Blackhead Remover Mask The perfect skin tool kit by Bea Luz

Q. What is the best black peel off mask?

A. There are numerous black peels off mask you will found in market. But not all the masks are good for your beautiful face. Here is top 5 best black peel off mask which is suitable for your skin:

  1. Black Mask by Gemmaz
  2. Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask By Blaq
  3. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask
  4. Daiso Japan Natural Charcoal Peel Off Mask
  5. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Q. Is black peel off mask good for skin?

A. This peel off mask has skin purifying charcoal because of that all skin mask are black. It provides your skin to suck out all blackheads and blocked pores, so yes, it’s good for skin.

Q. Can peel off mask remove blackheads?

A. No, Peel off mask is designed for to peel off all the impurities, dirt particles and blackheads but not work acne but still sometimes it’s helps to prevent acne by clearing out your skin pores.

Q. Can you wash off a peel off mask?

A. You need to use warm water and a clean washcloth to gently remove the mask. You have to be sure about wiping away gently your mask from around those areas where you have under chin and your hairline.

Blackhead Remover Black Mask From Bea Luz

A woman always has to protect their skin from dust & oil. Bea Luz black mask one of the best blackhead remover for women. This beauty mask is perfect for facial care, anti-aging, acne treatment, oil-control, pore cleaner & cleaning out all the dirt and cuticle very effectively on your face. This black mask helps to remove oil or stain spots from your beautiful face. Daily using will improve the blood circulation of your face. It will help your skin smoother & tender. This is the best-selling blackhead remover which is suitable for all ages of men & women.


●Bea Luz beauty mask is only used for facial care, It’s not for body skin care.

●It’s a perfect beauty mask for oil-control, anti-aging, acne treatment, pore cleaner.

●This blackhead remover provides to cleaning out all the dirt & cuticle very effectively from your face.

●This is one of the best blackhead removers which helps remove oil spots & stain from your face.

●Using this mask daily can improve the blood circulation of your face.

●Bea Luz helps to keep your face tender & smoother that you never have seen before.

●This suction face mask will help to cleanse very deeply & to tear all blackheads.

●This black mask is suitable for all the people, both men & women can happily use it without any hesitation.

Directions to Use

Step #1- First of all you have cleansed & steam your whole face to open all the pores.

● Step #2- After that apply a medium to thick layer like (2mm) on the are area where blackhead-removal is required such as like the t-zone or nose area. You have to be careful while using it in eyebrows, hairline or sensitive areas such as like lips, eyes or anywhere with facial hair such as like sideburns.

● Step #3- Then Leave it for dry at least for 15-20 minutes, you have to be sure that your beauty mask is completely dry while peeling it away.

● Step #4- At the end, you have to use face toner for finishing.

Important Note

When you use this mask ensure to patch test first before use. This mask is NOT recommended for sensitive skin. This mask may cause some discomfort while peeling off. It may cause to remove fine hairs & temporary redness.