Q. Is Dove good for acne?

A. Recent studies proved that ordinary shop increase men’s acne, so using Dove Man Care Body Wash not only reduce your acne but also gives you healthy & clean skin.

Q. Which is the best Dove body wash?


●If you are a woman, Then Dove has 24 different types of body wash for women such as Deep Moisture Body Wash, Summer Care Body Wash, Sensitive Skin Body Wash Etc. Click The link for full list women body wash

●If you like to use for your babies then Dove has 3 perfect body wash for your babies such as Sensitive Moisture Tip to Toe Wash, Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash, Baby Dove Calming Nights Tip to Toe Wash

●If you are a man, then we have the best 16 perfect body wash for man. These body wash not only provides men’s skin the perfect refreshment but also give the stronger and healthier skin like never seen before. Click the link for full list of Men’s Body Wash.

Q. Is Dove body wash good for your skin?

A. Dove Body Wash’s are totally hypoallergenic. It’s one of the best body washes for all types of skin especially for sensitive skin. It gives you the best shower experience like never before. Just squeeze the gel & & smoothly use it over into your skin & rinse it with warm water.

Q. Can you use Dove body wash on your face?

A. Yes, it can be used in your face. However, we recommend you to use the Dove Sensitive skin Beauty Bar Which provides your skin the natural moisturizer.

Q. Is Dove good for pimples?

A. Dove Soap is not designed for to clean up acne, however if you use Dove Shop you have to rinse your face with clean warm water and then pat it dry with a clean towel

Dove Men Plus Care Body and Face Wash

Men needs extra care for their body & skin. Men skins are rougher than Women. So, men always need to take good care of their skin. Dove Men Plus Care Body & Face Wash gives a men strong healthy skin & cooling refreshment. Dove Men Plus Care Body & Face Wash has Extra Fresh Micro Moisture which gives a better skin comfort to a men’s body a face.

About the Product

● Dove Men Plus Care Body & Face wash energizes extra freshness.

● This product may be different than other product image.

●It gives a men healthy feeling & stronger skin.

●It has Micro Moisture Technology which activates when its lathering.

●Dove Men Plus Care Body & Face Wash provides multi-use formula which gives you refreshing body skin & clear face.

Product Description

Dove Men Plus Care gives you long lasting freshness in every morning shower. It contains cooling menthol which will gives a men’s body cooling refreshment. Dove Men Plus Care contains Micro Moisture which will protect skin from dryness which is clinically proven. It provides multi-use formula which helps to rinses off & gives refreshment scent.

Product Benefit

*Men’s every day jumping start needs healthy active body skin. That’s why choosing the best body and face wash will give you the best body skin. Dove Men Plus Care gives a men’s body cooling refreshes & healthier skin.

*It’s not just a body wash, it’s also a face wash which contains 2-in-1 body face wash.

*It’s also provides deeper cleansing which helps to clean deep skin problems & gives you better strong skin.

*It’s great shower tool which gives a men better shower experience.

* It has a cooling agent which helps your skin rinse very easily

* This Extra Fresh Body Wash of Dove provides the perfect hydration for giving you healthier and stronger skin.

* Its 100% Dermatologist recommended that #1 Body and Face Wash fir men which gives fresh and clean feeling skin.

* This body and face wash were clinically proven that it helps to fight the dryness of men’s skin.

●Sodium Laureth Sulfate ●Acrylates ●Water ●Petrolatum ●Fragrance ●PPG-9 ●Menthol ●Cocamide MEA ●Yellow 5 ●DMDM Hydantoin ●Methylisothiazolinone ●Ammonium Chloride ●BHT ●Red 33 ●Tetrasodium EDTA ●Blue 1

How to Use:

  • First of all, take a full shower and soak your whole body and face.
  • Then you have to use enough the Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Wash.
  • Took half your palm and rub it into your hands together to turn the gel into like a light foam.
  • Then make a lather and cover it into your body and face
  • After that rinse thoroughly with water and get a healthy refreshing skin that you never seen before.
  • If you want the best skin result the use with Dual sided shower tool
  • It’s a daily body & face wash so use it daily for getting better refreshing skin

Safety Warning

  • Please avoid direct eye contact and other sensitive areas. If still contact occurs then rinse thoroughly with water.