Dove Men Face Wash the Perfect Face Cleansing For MEN!

Q. How do men take care of their face?

A. Using Moisturizer or Cleanser daily can help your skin to reduce all the fine line and gives your skin perfect good looking that you never experience before.

Q. Is Dove face wash good for acne?

A. Dove Comfort Mild Body & Face wash is a daily cleansing face wash which not only provides to clean dart, oil & dryness but also reduce the pores of men’s skin.

Q. Which brand is best for face wash?

A. While you want to buy a perfect skin care body wash you will get confused which one you should buy? Well guess what, we recommend you to buy our Dove healthy cleansing face wash which is perfectly suitable for men’s skin.

Q. Is Dove face wash good for dry and oily skin?

A. Dryness and Oiliness is daily skin problems. So of Course, we have the Dove Men Face wash which gives you the perfect shield to your skin daily.

Which face wash to use in winters?

  1. In winter season you can use Lotus Herbal natural face wash which works great into your skin during in cold season. Perhaps Dove Comfort Mild Formula Body and Face wash works great in dry skin both in Summer & Winter Season.

Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Mild Formula Micro Moisture Body and Face Wash

Every men needs extra healthier, extra refreshment body Skin. Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort gives stronger & better skin comfort. It’s a 2-in-1 body wash which not only gives you the best body wash, it’s also will give you better face wash. Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort has Mild formula which is Micro Moisture that will give a men’s body strong hydrate body skin & healthy face wash.

About the Product

●Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort has hydrates which will give a men’s body healthy strong skin.

●It has Micro Moisture technology which activates when it’s lathering.

●It gives refreshing & clean skin comfort.

●Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort has strong effective formula which helps to remove rinses easily.

●It has cooling scent which will give you a refreshment body skin.

Product Description

Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort body & Face wash specially recommended by Dermatologist for men’s body skin. It has unique Micro Moisture technology which locks skin’s natural moisture & gives you hydrated body skin. This gel washes body quickly than ordinary men’s soap. Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort wash has hypoallergenic & noncomedogenic which will give cooling scent & strong refreshment body.

Product Benefit

●Dove Men Care body has a mild effective formula which cleanses men’s face & give refreshed hydrated body skin.

●It has Micro Moisture technology which gives you the healthier skin & protect against all kinds of body irritation.

●It’s only needs one half palm to clean your body & face.

●For active body you need to use it daily of every morning of your shower.

●Avoid eye contact, if it’s contacts then clean it immediately with water. Keep reach out of children.

●Sodium Laureth Sulfate ●Acrylates Copolymer ●Water ●Petrolatum ●Fragrance ●PPG-9 ●Cocamide MEA ●Ammonium Chloride ●Tetrasodium ●DMDM Hydantoin ●Ammonium Chloride ●Methylisothiazolinone ●Blue 1 ●Yellow 5 ●Red 33 ●BHT ●Tetrasodium EDTA

How to use:

 First of all, you have to apply this face and body wash into your face liberally into your face and neck at least for 15 minutes before the sun exposure

Reapply the body wash at least every 2 hours

When you swimming or sweating please use a water-resistant sunscreen

Sun Protection Measures:

In summer holidays everyone has to spend time in outside. While you spending time into sun it could be increase the risk of skin cancer & early ageing. If you want decrease the risk then then you have to follow these measures.

You have to use a sunscreen with a broad of spectrum of SPF value pf 15 or higher

Remember the limit time of the sun, especially from 10.00 A.M. tp 02.00 P.M.

Always wear long-sleeved shirts and pants with hats & sunglasses

Children who is under 6 months of age had to ask a doctor


Please avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas, if still contact occurs then rinse thoroughly with water

Keep it away from pets and children

If it swallows please get a medical help or contact with Poison Care Center immediately

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Does men’s skin different from women’s skin?

A. Men’s skin is always hairier and oilier than women’s and men tent to sweat much more then women. Using a perfect body bar which will not only cleans thoroughly but it will also hydrate the skin will help men a stronger and healthier skin

Q. How does Dove Men+ Care Body & Face Wash Fight the Dry Skin?

A. Ordinary soap can dry your skin out, so always try to avoid it in favor of the less drying options. Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body & Face Wash has perfect moisturizing formula which helps to fight your skin dryness.

Q. How will I keep my skin from drying out?

A. You have to keep your showers short. If you don’t take shower without hot shower, than just try to keep the m very short so that the water doesn’t break down the proteins and lipids which help to retain your skin moisture.