KEDSUM Makeup Brushes for your beautiful Makeup

Q. What are each makeup brush for?

A. If you are a trained makeup artist or you like to set your make of your own then you have to known the usage of all makeup brushes. Here is 12 perfect makeup brushes which you really need while using makeup:

  1. Foundation Brush
  2. Beauty Blender
  3. Kabuki Brush
  4. Fan Brush
  5. Lash/Brow Comb/Brush
  6. Smudger Brush
  7. All-Over Eye Shadow Brush
  8. Concealer Brush
  9. Angled Blush Brush
  10. Powder Brush
  11. Blending Eye Shadow Brush
  12. Angled Eyeliner Brush

Q. What is the best brush to use for liquid foundation?

A. Those who are learning to do their makeup alone or those who are trying to be a professional beautician artist they are unaware about their beauty products and tool kits. There are so many beauty makeup brushes which is best for liquid foundation. Here are top 5 best makeup brushes for beginners:

  1. Keshima Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
  2. Lamora Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki for Face
  3. Yoseng Oval Foundation Brush
  4. Lamora Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki for Face
  5. Eco Tools Flat Foundation Brush

KEDSUM 10 pcs Makeup Brush Set, Professional Soft

The best makeup brush gives you the best makeup finishing that every woman wants. KEDSUM Makeup brush comes with 10 pcs of Professional Soft set of brushes which provides perfectly set your foundation, powder, concealer, blush, bb cream, contour, eyeliner & all other face makeups. Its a perfect professional cosmetic tool set comes with a travel beg which is very easy to carry while in travel. This makeup brush gives you easy & quick finishing makeup. It comes with different sizes of brushes which you can use in different types of makeup for your skin. It’s one of the best-selling Makeup Brushes which can be used all ages of women.

About the Product

●KEDSUM Makeup brushes come with 10 pcs of perfect oval brushes which helps to set covers of all types of your makeup what you need. It helps to makes contouring very easily & quickly and spreads your makeup perfectly into your face, lips, brows, cheeks, nose, chin, the eye in the way what you like.

●This professional makeup brush provide you perfect dense oval & soft bristles which is very high-quality bristles, it feels like very soft goose feathers. It’s very stiff so that you can blend your makeup cream products with nice caring. Those soft bristles give you incredibly soft touch into your skin, even it feels great in under eye areas & into the eyelids.

●It’s an awesome bendable toothbrush design with a synthetic resin material which gives you to makes your brush of handle bend up 90̊ so you don’t have to worry that it breaks if you are heavy handed. It also has an ergonomic & anti-slip design which you feel nice in your hand.

●KEDSUM Makeup brush blends your makeup flawlessly. It spread your makeup well with liquid foundations, cream and concealers, baked eye shadow, powder blushes, and bronzes and all types of loose translucent setting powder which really helps to bring out all the pigments.

●It’s a perfect refined package box and travel beg which is very easy to carry wherever you go. It comes with package box & travel beg that’s why you don’t have to make any extra space for these makeup brushes. No matter if you travel in air or in a sea you can use it daily wherever you want.

Product Description

KEDSUM Makeup Brush Set

If you want to have an essential beauty experience, use KEDSUM makeup brush set which gives you the wonderful beauty experience that you never have seen before. It has a perfect familiar toothbrush design and a very high quality soft dense bristles helps to apply all types of makeup that’s why this is woman’s first choice to look best.

How to use

1# Sweeping Brush> For Concealer, Powder & Foundation.

2# Concealer Brush> For Concealer, Powder & Foundation.

3# Foundation Brush> For Powder & Foundation.

4# Concealer Brush> For Concealer, Powder & Foundation.

5# Loose Powder Brush> For Foundation, Concealer & Foundation.

6# Eye Shadow Brush> For Eyeliner, Concealer & Eyeshadow.

7# Small Eye Shadow Brush> For Small Eyeshadow, Lip & Eyeliner.

8# Eyeliner Brush > For Eyeliner, Concealer & Eyebrow.

9# Small Concealer Brush> For Eyebrow, Concealer & Lip.

10# Eye Shadow Brush> For Eyeshadow, Eyebrow, Lip & Concealer.

How to clean

●If you want to use this brush daily than you have to clean this brush after every time use. First of all, you have to run the bristles under the little running warm water.

●After that apply a small amount of shampoo to the bristles & work it into a light lather.

●Then you have to rinse the bristles under running water.

●You have to keep rinse until all the cosmetic leaves the bristles.

●In the end, you have to let the brush dry in the air

●For a kindly remind, if you use new brushes for the first time please clean it before first time use.


Material in hair: Bristles

Material in handle: Synthetic resin

Package includes

1x Travel Bag

1x 10pcs KEDSUM Makeup Brushes

1x User Manual