Simple Facial Wipes

Q. Are Simple face wipes recyclable?

A. Simple® face wipes are always kinder to the planet before they made with soft and renewable plant fibers including sustainable wood pulp because of synthetic fiber it prevents from being compostable or recyclable. So, after every single use it’s totally head to the landfill.

Q. Are Simple cleansing wipes oil free?

A. Yes, it’s not just removed waterproof mascara, makeup, dirt but also oils without stripping your skin from moisture

Q. Are simple micellar wipes oil free?

A. It’s made with skin loving ingredients such as like Vitamins B & E including triple purified water which easily helps to remove your all impurities, even if you have tough makeup with just one wipe.

Q. What are cleansing wipes used for?

A. Cleansing wipes provides your skin to remove your oil and makeup from your skin without using water or any cleansers. It’s a perfect time saver facial wipe.

Q. What are antibacterial wipes?

A. The perfect germs and bacteria protection wipes is Antibacterial wipes. It’s very convenient sanitizing which eliminates all bacteria and germs and keep your family and yourself germs free

Q. Do face wipes cause acne?

A. No, it won’t cause any acne but it may leave some dirt and grime which can contribute to acne.

Q. Are face wipes better than face wash?

A. If you want a perfect skin then the answer is both face wash and facial wipes are good for your skin and very effective to clean all dirt, makeup and oil from your skin. Facial wipes are more convenient but the facial cleanser with water are much better to clean your skin.

Q. Are Wet Ones antibacterial?

A. Yes Wet Ones is Antibacterial Wipes which can kill 99.99 of germs in every wiping.

Q. Are face wipes good for your skin?

A. Most of the times it’s good for our skin to getting rid of excess oil and other mess but using them regularly could lead clogged pores and breakouts to your skin.

Q. What is the best face wipes to use?

A. There are numerus facial wipes which is best for your skin. Here is  5 best facial wipes for your perfect skin:

  1. Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Oil-Free Facial Cleansing Wipes
  2. Kara Refreshing Wipes- Aloe Vera And Cucumber
  3. Simple Kind to Skin Facial Wipes
  4. L’Oreal Paris Ideal Clean Makeup Removing Towelettes
  5. Pond’s Original Fresh MoistureClean Towelettes

Simple Kind to Skin Facial Wipes, Cleansing 25 ct

Our skin always faces dust, sometimes it’s got oily. Simple Kind Skin Facial Wipes one of the best cleansing wipes for our facial skin. It’s totally waterproof & it’s doesn’t dry out. It contains with great ingredients which will provides fresh loving skin. Simple Facial Wipes will give a healthy happy facial skin. It’s a perfect cleansing makeup wipes which can perfectly fit in your suitcase, gym bag, into your car or anywhere you may quick need for touchup.

About the Product

●Simple Facial Wipes will give you 100% clear & healthy skin anywhere & anytime.

●It’s very helpful for women to remove deep makeup, it’s also can remove waterproof mascara.

●Simple Facial Wipes provides Pro Vitamain-B5 which helps give a smooth & soft skin.

●It’s has triple purified water which provides stronger hydrated skin.

●Simple Facial Wipes doesn’t have any kind of artificial perfumes or harsh chemicals which will harm your skin.

●Simple Facial Wipes has Vitamin E which provides your skin to whip your skin dust, oil and all facial makeup

Product Description

Simple Facial Wipes are very useful for women makeup. It’s contains with fiver which is clinically proven to remove makeups from eyes, lips & impurities. This facial wipe doesn’t have any kind of harsh chemicals, dyes, artificial color or alcohol. It has Aqua-lock™ technology which helps wipe your skin dust & give your skin fresh & clean all day long. Its Dermatologist tested & totally approved.

Product Benefit

●Simple Facial Wipes will remove heavy makeup, dirt or oil.

●This facial wipe is designed for sensitive skin so if you have sensitive skin it will give you perfect skin treatment that you never seen before.

●It doesn’t have any synthetic perfumes or artificial chemicals which will upset your skin.

●Simple Facial Wipes is totally ophthalmologist & dermatologist proven & tested.

●Its totally Non-comedogenic, Hypoallergenic, Ophthalmologist balanced & tested.

●It’s Totally perfect for carry anywhere you go, it can be fit in your suit case, gym bag, car anywhere you need to use. 

●This skin facial wipes are not added color or dye

●This facial wipe has an Aqua-Lock™ technology which helps to prevent these wipes from drying out.

●Simple face care about nature that’s why our product is a totally non-toxic product which is totally harmless to our environment and humans

●Simple Kind Skin Facial Wipes is totally formaldehyde-free, fluoride-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free & Aluminum free so you don’t have to worry about health facts.

●This Facial wipe is very convenient and so quick to use. So, you can carry it into with your makeup bag, gym kit or into the bathroom so it can give you gentle cleanse and perfect touch ups for your healthy-looking skin every day, anytime or anywhere

How to use:

  • First of all, you have to lift the resealable sticker and then remove just one wipe
  • After that choose one side and gently wipe over your lips and eyelids
  • Then use it to the other side of your cheeks, neck, chin and forefront
  • If you need to remove your make up then you have to hold the wipe in that intense area for few seconds before wiping
  • You have to stop your wipes for drying out for remembering to reseal that pack
  • After using the wipe please throw it in the bin. Please don’t flush down into the toilet, so that the environment will thank you for it

Safety Warning & Information:

  • Please avoid direct contact getting into your eyes
●Cetearyl Isononanoate ●Ceteareth-12 ●Citric Acid ●Aqua ●Benzoic Acid ●Ceteareth-20 ●Cetearyl Alcohol ●Dehydroacetic Acid ●Glycerin ●Panthenol ●Phenoxyethanol ●Tocopheryl Acetate ●Disodium EDTA ●Glyceryl Stearate ●Pantolactone ●Sodium Citrate