Good health is basic desire and should be the priority of everyone. People may think having good health demands many things to follow in daily life. But for starting to maintain yourself simple health tips for everyday living can help. Of course then we can make it too easier.

Eat simple and healthy diet:
Eating simple is just the paramount of getting healthy life. We often think about healthy lifestyle facts but can’t focus on the key factors. Eating right is the prime factor to give us access to good health.

Know proper amount of nutrients:
We need proper elements to eat for accomplishing our daily needs for body. We can describe that in a chart:

Necessary nutrients Why we need them How much we need them
Carbohydrate Boosting immune systemMaintaining proper brain and nervous systemGetting power to do daily works properlyBalancing digestive system Almost 45 to 65 percent of daily calories
Protein For right body growth  Body muscles development Storing antibodies Producing hormones balance and other substances Accelerate tissue cells An adult needs 0.8 grams of protein per for his body weight by per kilogram
Minerals Building strong bones Protecting from tooth decay Prevents blood clot For carrying oxygen in whole body Supports body immune system Controls blood pressure Various minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, chromium are needs in different amount. They are in small amount like in range of 35 micrograms to 1000 micrograms
Fat Growing body cells Preventing blood clot Shrinking heart disease risk and type 2 diabetes muscle movement Keeping blood sugar in control Maintains right brain function Absorbs mineral and vitamin Produce hormones 20% to 35% fat is needed in total calories. If an adult intake 2000 calories,  44 to 77 grams of fat is needed per day.
Vitamins Helps body to prevent cancer Makes teeth and bones strong Maintains healthy skin Keeps healthy metabolism process Supports brain and nervous system process   Varies from different type of vitamins for sure. On average an adult needs 700-900 micrograms of different types of vitamins per day in food chart
Water Removes toxins out of body  Consumes shocks and rejoices body strength Carrying and distributing nutrients Prevents constipation and bad digestive system Keeps away from dehydration Depends on body weight. On average an adult should drink 2 to 3 litre or more as he/she feels need everyday according to body needs

Preferring proper food timing:

To keep the journey to get healthy lifestyle simple maintain proper timing of meal everyday. Daily fix an exact time for each meal in morning evening and night and strictly follow that.

Keeping balanced diet:

Everyday keep a simple diet chart but balance them. Not necessarily everyday we have to take expensive of heavy food. It’s just important to regulate simple and easy to have foods but in a balance diet. Because similar type of diet won’t keep us healthy. We have to take proper amount of each type of nutrients everyday. We can choose them whatever is easy to avail and affordable everyday.

Vegetables and green leaves:

Eating disorder often marks that we take just meat, protein or tasty type of food. Green vegetables, fish and fibres are one of the most vital elements in daily life as well. We have to keep that in mind

Avoiding junk food:

Most of the people in now a days are habituate of taking junk food specially students. Simple health tips for students would be definitely avoiding junk food and replace them with healthy and full of nutrients foods.

Getting exercise:

So? Only right food is the key to have a healthy life? Surely no. Having exercise each day and maintain that as per body is one of the best ways to achieve healthy life

Proper sleep:

Apart from having right food and exercise sleeping at right time and for adequate time is important. We have to get proper sleep and sleep at right time in a routine daily to get proper rest for our bodies.

Health tips of the day:

Our health tips of the day would be, sense your body. Understand your daily need of food and match with every type od food including carbs, protein, fibre, mineral, vitamin, fat and at last water. Keep all of those in your daily food chart and practise a balance for getting a healthy life. Accomplish with proper exercise, eating timing and sleeping timing. Thus, just keep this simple and comfortable for you and have a healthy life. Don’t overdo anything or take over stress in everyday life.

Health tips for covid 19:

In trend, its mandatory to getting knowledge about covid 19. We all know about what we are going through in whole world for covid 19 situation. So, to keep yourself and world around your healthy we all have to keep in mind the basic health tips for covid 19 and stick to follow them.

  • Always maintain proper hygiene
  • Wash your hands frequently specially after getting back home
  • If not necessary avoid going outside
  • Wear a mask while going outside
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Keep disinfect your used daily materials
  • Eat more of nutritious food like plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Build your immune system stronger

Overall in this insane circumstances only self esteem and carefulness can make us safe. A strong immune system rather can fight with covid 19 if you are affected in any way. So, keeping lets have balance diet and eat as much as those foods that can make our immune system and support our body to make natural antibodies from covid 19. That will also make us healthy and protect from covid 19 and provide a healthy lifestyle.