Top 7 best skincare tips for men

Those days are gone when men were unkempt the sign of masculinity. Everywoman desire a perfect well-kept groomed man but that doesn’t mean you need to get mani-pedis for this. You may find lots of beauty tips for women; men’s skin care tips are little bit difficult to find. Women’s need to take care their skin but that doesn’t mean only women needs to take care their skin. To get a handsome looking skin man needs also skin are regime. Here are our top 7 best skin care tips for men. This tips not just help you take care of your skin but also gives you healthy looking skin tone like you never seen before.

1. Always make a good impression

If you want a great handsome look than there is nothing better than making a good impression. Many men’s skincare regimens are consisting of a cheap disposable razor with old spice and a bar shop but the true fact is a man’s skin needs bit attention. Good impression helps you to remove your stress from your mind and pull out your inner personality to be a man which you really are. That’s why always make a good impression.

2. Shave your hair but don’t against the grain

Shaving is one of the perfect methods to get a handsome looking skin. But numerous numbers of men doing some mistakes when they against their grain only because the don’t the actual direction of hair growth that’s why the get closer shave. So, what the solution? The perfect solution is you need to shave those skin surfaces where it mainly feels smooth. You just need to give one perfect shaving stroke on each section of your face area which you don’t need to repeat shaving on those areas.

3. Totally Avoid scented and aftershave Products

Aftershave and scented products maybe give your skin cooling refreshment smells but it’s mainly aggravated men’s skin. If you still use fragrance-free products that doesn’t mean it’s still good for your handsome looking skin. This product may cause you skin damage so it’s the perfect time to get rid off those products. If you have sensitive skin then you should totally stop using those products and use oil-free moisturizer when your skin damp.

4. Limit your moisturizer

Moisturizer is good for men’s skin tone but using too much moisturizer may get skin effect. So, if you have dry or sensitive skin, we suggest you should choose your moisturizer very carefully and apply only that time when your skin usually stay wet. You need to use moisturizer to your dump skin or after having a great shower and when you choose a best moisturizer make sure it’s non-comedogenic and oil free moisturizing lotion.

5. Apply Sunscreen while you go outside from home

Men always need to work outside from home which they have to deal with direct sun heat. So, if you want to take care of your handsome looking skin during summer season than you better apply sunscreen lotion while going outside from home. Sun’s UVA & UVB rays not just causes tanning but also spoil your skin’s texture color, so you should use at least SPF 30 contain sun screen lotion which will help your skin to minimize the tanning.

6. Try to avoid your wrinkles

Sensitive area like eyes lacks to much sweat and oil glands which will make dehydration to you under eyes. Which basically increases the growth of wrinkles and fine lines. So, if you want to prevent this, you need to apply some hydrating eye cream around peepers before bedtime and after waking up from bed every morning.

7. Pick the best shaving tool

Every year lots of shaving tool companies manufactured various types of shaving blades. But those who have sensitive skin get acne-prone and ingrown hairs. So, you should choose a best shaving tool very wisely that’s why we recommend you to use Philips Norelco Body groomer. Which is very skin friendly and totally showerproof body trimmer and shaver. This shaving tool not just helps you to remove your facial hair but also removes your abs, chest, legs, underarm and back and shoulder area hair.